Buying Your Home

  • Seattle has a rich diversity of housing styles and distinctive neighborhoods. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced homeowner, I am excited to help you take advantage of the wealth of unique opportunities the Seattle market has to offer.
  • I offer high-caliber representation as well as personalized care and believe that trust and honesty are the foundation for a strong client/broker relationship. Our first step is to sit down for an extended conversation so we can get to know each other. You can tell me about your lifestyle, goals and preferences. You can also ask me questions about my expertise, my background and the market. This initial meeting fosters open lines of communication and helps me understand how to best serve you.
  • Buying a home can be an emotional and sometimes overwhelming experience. My role as your broker is to educate, advise and empower you to understand the process and make informed decisions along the way. I'll create an effective strategy to get the results you want and I'll outline every step of the process so you'll know what to expect. As your advocate, I'll also keep you informed of fluctuations in the market and provide finessed and effective negotiations on your behalf.
  • I've been in the business since 2004. I have strong relationships with many brokers across a wide network and am well-respected by my industry peers. When negotiating an offer, I can often leverage these relationships to influence a positive outcome for my clients.
  • I have worked with clients at a variety of life stages—from young families just starting out to recent retirees moving on to their next chapter to up-and-coming professionals who are new to the city. My expertise, experience and sensitivity can help you find the right home for your situation, and I'll support you throughout this big and exciting transition.